The entire proceeds will go towards the purchase of devices and equipment for the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the University Hospital in Martin


ORGANISATOR                 Medical students association in Martin (MKM)

DATE                                 23.09.2023 (saturday)

LOCATION                        Theater square, Martin 3601, 036 01 Martin

 (next to Millenium, Martin’s tourist center)


10km and 5km (kategories start at the same time)

Women public
Male public
Female students of JLF UK
Male students of JLF UK 


Start of the 5 km run at 11:30 a.m.
Start of the 10 km run at 11:40 a.m.
Kids run: 10:30 till 11:00 a.m.


300m (till 6 years old- year of birth 2017 and younger)
600m (7 till 10 years old- year of birth 2013-2016)
1000m (11 till 14 years old- year of birth 2009-2012)


PRESENTATION               From 9:00 a.m. till 11:30, Theater Square Martin


PRESIDENT                        Amy van Brecht

CONTACT                           Mail:

Tel. number: 0903 419 382

Facebook: Martinský beh medikov

Instagram: Martinsky_beh_medikov


REGISTRATION  ONLINE   medikov-prihlaska

Online registration will end on September 21th 2023 at midnight 23:59 . Immediately after paying the entry fee, your name will appear in the registered list and you will receive a confirmation email.


DAY OF THE RACE from 9:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. in the area of the run


8€ until 31.5.2023 at 23:59/ kids till 14yo. 2€
10€ until 21.9.2014 at 23:59 / kids till 14yo. 3€

On the day of the race: 13€ / kids till 14yo. 5€


Starting fee includes:

 → running number with timing chip

→ refreshments at the finish line (drink, biscuit)

→ possibility to use the changing rooms

→ possibility to store personal belongings in a storage room

→ raffle ticket  with the number of the running number

→ workshops

→ photos from the event uploaded on the facebook site


Possibility to buy official T-shirt unisex:

XXS (detské) XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,


8€ online through registration (guaranteed size)

10€ at the site of the run (cash only)- we don’t guarantee all sizes to be available


The t-shirt purchased online will be available to pick up on the day of the run (next to registration) or during that week (18.9-22.9) at the indicated times at the JLF UK university dormitory and the Galéria shopping center.


It will be possible to buy a t-shirt also during the whole race and also after it ends. Please contact us via social networks.


It is also possible to send it by post after paying the postage.


PAYMENT OF STARTING FEE ONLINE: You can pay the entry fee in several ways. All of them will be offered to you after completing the online application. We recommend choosing to pay by credit card. It is fast, safe, convenient when paying from abroad, and your name will appear in the list of registered users immediately. If you do not use the card payment option, you will receive an email with instructions for other types of payment (if you do not find the email, check the SPAM/ADVERTISING folder). Please do not pay the entry fee by postal order. A participant is considered properly registered only after paying the entry fee! You can verify your participation in the start list on the website:

 PAYMENT OF THE STARTING FEE ON THE SITE: Purchases is only possible via cash (there are ATMs near the facility). Due to uncertain number of runners registartion on the site on the day of the race, we do not guarantee that you will receive a starting number and medal. That's why we recommend registering online, where you can be 100% sure. 

STARTING NUMBER                    


Every competitor is obliged to wear a starting number on the chest so that it is visible and

must not be covered. Without a starting number on the chest, it may happen that your time

will not be recorded. The starting number is the property of the organizer. Start numbers are

non-transferable without the permission of the organizer. A competitor who will start with a

starting number assigned in the start list to another competitor will be disqualified.


The paid entry fee is non-refundable. If you create an account on the website, you can transfer your entry fee to another person or make other changes to your application for free. If you do not want to create an account, the start number can be transferred to another person for a handling fee of €4. If you want to transfer your start number to another participant, you can do so on the website In the main menu, select the item "Change of application" and enter all data about the new participant. However, the change must be made by the person who was originally logged in. A new participant is already taking over the starting package. After taking over the start package, it is no longer possible to transfer the start number.


TRACK                                5 km, asphalt surface, mainly flat route

                                               10 km, asphalt surface, mainly flat route

                                               Kids run (300m, 600m, 1000m) asphalt surface, mainly flat route

(Map of the run will be posted on social media and website soon)


TIME MEASUREMENT   provided by SunBell s.r.o. –


RESULTS                             will be continuously published on the website

                                               Later on they will be uploaded in the website too.


CHANGING ROOMS, WC  on the site of the run

PRIZES First three places in each category from the main runs will be awarded. Children's runs are non-competitive. Our effort is to motivate children to do things for themselves, their health, and to value each of them equally. With us, no one is the first or the last. Children's runs will be held in an encouraging atmosphere. They will receive a medal and candy at the finish line. A sports program organized by Active Kids will also be provided during the entire event.  
AWARD OF WINNERS will take place after arrival of the last competitor on the theater square. 
RAFFLE Each participant has one raffle ticket - his starting number. Children's categories are not included in the raffle. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased on the site of the run. 
INFORMATION: All inf. about the race will be continuously published on Facebook,    Instagram and the website. 
MEDICAL SERVICE: Rapid medical and rescue services will be available at the start and finish area. RULES It is raced under the WA Athletics Competition Rules and the provisions of these propositions. A competitor may leave the track with permission and under the supervision of the referee, provided that he does not shorten the race distance. A competitor who takes refreshments outside the refreshment station risks being excluded from the race. The competitor must immediately withdraw from the race on the order of the chief doctor of the event. Any accompaniment (including cycling accompaniment), or any assistance to the competitor during the competition by other persons, with the exception of necessary medical intervention by a doctor determined by the organizational performance of the event, is considered illegal assistance. It is forbidden to use headphones during the run and the competitor may be disqualified. It is dangerous especially with regard to the safety of runners and spectators, possible organizational guidelines, interventions and instructions of the organizers on the track during the run, the need to react to the movement of the bikes of the organizer, the police, the health and rescue services, and last but not least, you are dealing with the atmosphere they create runners, spectators and accompanying program that is prepared for you.


You will be able to win great prizes from our supporters in the raffle:




Medial support:

OC Galéria Martin
Region Malá Fatra 
Dobré rádio



Slovenská asociácia študentov medicíny (SloMSA)
Kultúrna scéna Martin
Mesto Martin
Slovenská asociácia študentov medicíny (SloMSA)
Kultúrna scéna Martin
Raiffeisen Banka
Mesto Martin
Olympijský klub Turiec
Kamarát – centrum voľného času
Atletický klub ZŤS Martin


Depending on the circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to modify and further specify some of the data listed in these propositions, or organizational instructions. The organizer also reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the event or any of the event's disciplines in case of serious danger, in particular war, bad weather, danger of terror or other attack threatening the safety of the participants of the event, or from other unforeseen vis maior events and circumstances. COVID-19 measures: COVID-19 measures: In the event that the current situation associated with the spreadof the COVID-19 disease will require the introduction of measures in accordance with the current regulations of the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic and the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, the participation of competitors in the event may be modified based on the decision of the organizer, or on the established epidemiological and hygienic rules for organizing mass sports events. Any changes compared to the propositions will be announced to the race participants during the presentation.

Event Properties

Event Date 23.09.23
Cut off date 21.09.2023 23:55